What is Achilles Tendon Repair?

Achilles repair involves holding the ruptured tendon ends together with sutures. This can be done through a standard open incision or a mini-open approach.

When is it Recommended?

Achilles rupture can often be treated without surgery but under certain circumstances repair is recommended. If there is a delay in diagnosis or if the tendon ends do not come together with your toe pointed repair is more likely to be required. Your age, level of activity and general health are also taken into consideration.

What is Involved?

The operation is done under a general or regional anaesthetic. You will stay in hospital at least overnight and will not be able to put weight on the leg for the first 2 weeks.

How Long is the Recovery?

You will be seen by Dr Freihaut after 2 weeks when your sutures will be removed. You will then see our physiotherapist for a CAM boot and to commence rehab. You will start walking without the boot at 8 weeks. Maximal recovery and return to sport may take up to 12 months.

Is Physiotherapy Required?

Yes. A structured physiotherapy program is required.

What are the Risks?

Risks include but are not limited to infection, blood clots in the legs, injury to nerves and blood vessels, wound breakdown, weakness and re-rupture.