What is Excision of a Morton’s Neuroma?

Excision is usually carried out through an incision on the top of the foot. The involved nerve is excised including the 2 branches to the toes. 

When is Excision Indicated?

If, despite appropriate non-surgical treatment, pain from a Morton’s neuroma persists, excision can be considered. 

What is Involved?

You may need to temporarily stop certain blood thinning or diabetic medications prior to surgery. You will be informed of this but if you are unsure of your requirements please ask.

The procedure is day surgery and is done under general or regional anaesthetic. Your foot will be bandaged and you will be given a velcro shoe to walk in. You should keep your foot elevated as much as possible until your follow up appointment.

How Long is Recovery?

You will be seen by Dr Freihaut 2 weeks following surgery for suture removal. You may use normal footwear after this and gradually return to your normal activities as tolerated. There will be discomfort and swelling from the surgery which will slowly subside. There will be permanent numbness between the toes where the neuroma was excised as the nerve has been removed.

Is Physiotherapy Required?


What are the Risks?

Risks include but are not limited to infection, blood clots, numbness, and ongoing pain.